Attorneys for Astroworld Concert Filing Suit Against Event Organizers for Loss of Life and Injuries

In early November, attendees gathered to attend the 3rd Annual Astroworld Festival. The sold out event brought over 50,000 attendees to NRG Park who were looking to attend a music filled weekend; however, the event turned into a mass casualty event on the first night. Injury attorneys at The Porter Firm are providing free and immediate consultations to victims that were injured and families that lost loved ones at the event.

Reports for the Houston, TX concert, organized by Live Nation, Travis Scott and others, indicated that anticipation for the event had been building for hours prior to the show, as indicated by a large countdown clock displayed for the audience. As the anticipation built, the crowd surged forward, trying to get closer to the stage, compressing bodies to the point that people were unable to breath. Many passed out, others fell to the ground; numerous victims were trampled.

Even before the event started though, there were signs that security may not have been prepared for the crowd. A merchandise area closed at noon, several hours before the start of performer Travis Scott’s set, due to the crowd being out of control. Houston Fire Department logs indicate that by 5pm, as many as 5,000 people breached security barriers and entrances, knocking over metal detectors and other guests in their path. Some reports indicate that some jumped fences or even used bolt cutters to get into the show.

Event Declared a “Mass Casualty”

As artist Travis Scott took the stage, the crowd intensified and a stampede ensued. As victims fell, many were passed along the top of the crowd in an attempt to get them to medical help. Some were treated onsite; others were rushed to area hospitals. 10 people lost their lives.

Officials declared the event a “mass casualty” at 9:38 p.m. The concert continued until after 10:00 p.m. Experts are investigating what could have been prevented and what went wrong at the event to hold the negative parties accountable, including being underprepared and not following safety protocols due to the unruly crowd.

Astroworld Music Settlements

If you sustained injuries, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or lost a loved one at Astroworld, you may be eligible to pursue a claim for significant compensation. 

Event organizers are offering refunds to concert attendees; however, it is important to understand what the agreement involves as it may include a release that would not allow you to pursue damages for your injuries. It is important to review an offer with an Astroworld injury attorney at The Porter Firm before agreeing to any refund; additionally, the attorneys may be able to help you pursue compensation for injuries and loss of life. Hold the negligent parties accountable and reach out today to an Astrowold concert lawyer at (888) 392-1119  to discuss your experience at Astroworld.


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